The Story

When my drive for passion met my indulgent liking for classic, hand-crafted footwear, a piece of art, I gave birth to my brainchild ‘Sola Doro’. Sola Doro means Golden Sole in Italian and means 16 Strings in Hindi (slang).

Nobody wanted to make our shoes. We started from scratch. From a shoemaker in Dharavi who ran away with our money to having our own small workshop in Agra - India's Shoe Capital. - which is another story altogether. 

Sola Doro has had my heart and soul, blood sweat and tears and we always believed in focusing to provide value for money for a customer irrespective of our profit per shoe, irrespective of having almost no money in our bank account, irrespective of making a loss on a product where we are at fault, we always have stuck to do right by the customer and our people. We believe that "Doing The Right Thing" is getting rare in this fast paced world where it's all about money and we're slowly forgetting our values. 

At Sola Doro, we believe in giving every client a unique shoe unlike monotonous machine-made hackneyed footwear worn by men globally. We believe in making every client stand out with our new taste hand-made effort.




At Sola Doro, we stay true to tested processes - we commence with selecting the style of each shoe, meticulously choosing the quality of Leather, Canvas or Polyutherene, hand-cutting the uppers and the soles manoeuvred by our workers in a neat pattern, we then stitch and assemble the uppers by hand and some of our workers who have enriched 36 years worth experience, the uppers and soles are stitched with cotton thread, lastly, we slip last, cure, burnish and finally lace to create the luxurious and sleek shoe, made with care and attention for every foot.

Ultimately, we don't make shoes for the hype-beast, the one who runs behind expensive products all the time or just some fancy mainstream brands, we make for people who value good shoes.


Zeeshan Merchant ( Founder, Sola Doro )