The Story

When my drive for passion met my indulgent liking for classic, hand-crafted footwear, a piece of art, I gave birth to my brainchild ‘Sola Doro’.

Soon I immersed into a journey to different corners of India to recruit the most experienced craftsmen in the shoe-making field to give my clients cloud-like softness and comfort under their feet along with elegance on the outside. I wanted my clients to indulge themselves into the royal softness of Sola Doro’s high quality footwear made with robust taste, meticulosity and love all the way from Agra.

 At Sola Doro, we believe in giving every client a unique shoe unlike monotonous machine-made hackneyed footwear worn by men globally. We believe in making every client stand out with our classic taste and hand-made effort.

Our design assortment ranges from velvet, monk-strapped, suede-eyed to horse-bit moccasins, loafers, sneakers, lace ups and boots as well. Every shoe undergoes a process of making to withstand the test of time making each shoe so long- lasting.




At Sola Doro, we commence with selecting the style of each shoe, meticulously choosing the quality of leather, hand-cutting the uppers and the soles manoeuvred by our workers in a neat pattern, we follow the good-year welting method to punch as well as welted stitching, we then stitch and assemble the uppers by our workers who have enriched 46 years worth experience, the uppers and soles are stitched with waxed cotton, lastly, we slip last, cure, burnish and finally lace to create the luxurious and sleek shoe customised for every foot.

My compassion for wildlife especially elephants is an integral part of my brand which you can notice in the customised note on the sole of every Sola Doro shoe which is why a part of our proceeds goes to save their lives. Sola is a Spanish term for ‘alone’ which manifests my start up lead by myself solely while Doro is the Greek word for ‘the gift of god’. Thus, our brand represents much more than elegance, comfort and love for the habitat that we reside in.

We aren’t merely a brand, we are a style statement.

Zeeshan Merchant ( Founder, Sola Doro )