Canvas Sneakers - A New Trend in India's Sneaker market

Today, India is very different than what it was in 1992. The globalisation wave completely changed the brands in available in India and Indians had access to McDonald's, Nike, Adidas, Vans, Levis - Every brand wanted to sell in India.

2023, India's sneaker market is getting hot. It's in a place where it's just about to massively take off and India is wealthier. Premium brands offering top quality products have entered the Indian Market and Richer, wealthier Indians are buying sneakers every day - you heard it right - every day. 

Brands are unlimited and online commerce shoe shopping has grown tremendously and the market has become bigger but also more segregated between classes. Wealthier Indians are only buying from foreign brands and the tinier Indian brands are not part of society and class. Shoes, belts, bags and accessories have been the worst in that category, everybody is looking for a Branded Logo because it's a sign of wealth. 


Sola Doro is an Indian Brand. We started of by selling Italian Loafers, Derbys and Moccasins but the pandemic helped us to push ourselves - Handcrafted Sneakers was the next. 

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