Save The Elephant


Dangerous Crime syndicates are responsible for elephant poaching and illegal trafficjing for ivory, body parts etc

every year thousands of elephants die in india and Africa due to poaching.

Massive threats form Habital Loss, Poaching and Human-Elephant Conflict.






Corridors are strips of land, pathways, that allow the elephants to move freely form one area to another. Like shortcuts, they keep them connected so they are not cut off form one another or from grazing areas because of roads, logging or devlopments.

In India there are currently 88 elephant corridors, wich are a necessity to the survival of the Asian Elephant. These corridors are difficult to maintion due to human growth and development.

The World Land Trust and the Wildife Trust of india have been working to keep these corridores open for the elephant, even going so far as to move an entire vilage (see previous post: Making History for Elephants). it is a continuing drama, as elephants strive to live and people push to grow. Human development comes with a cost. Unfotunately it is the elephants who are paying the price.

Your Purchase Matters






SOLA DORO donates profits to the WORLD WILDLIFE FUND(WWF), one of the effective wildlife conservation organisations.

The WWF teams up with rangers, forest guards, forest departments working tirelessly to ensure Elephant protection in these critical wildlife habitats.

WWF and partners launched an initiative to improve ranger standards and welfare in critical protected areas. We also work together to restore degraded habitat and introduce new techniques to keep elephants out of farm lands.